Thesis Placement
Kathryn Quissell, American University Stigma in Public Health 2016
Michael Beckstrand (chair) Recommendations, Rhetoric, and Reporting: State and NGO Behavior in the Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights’ 2015  University of Minnesota
Rachel Sigman (chair)

Which Jobs for Which Boys? Party Financing, Patronage and State Capacity in African Democracies

2015  Naval Postgraduate School
Bertha Kadenyi Amisi

Noncombatant Mobilization for Peace in Africa

2014  Nova Southeastern University
 Uwe Gneiting, BTS Berlin Principles and politics: Transnational advocacy networks and private governance  2014  Oxfam USA
 Paloma Raggo  Leaders’ Accounts: A Study of Transnational NGO Leadership Views on Accountability  2014  Carleton University
 Chan Woong Shin (chair)

America’s New Internationalists? Evangelical Transnational Activism and U.S. Foreign Policy

 2014  Indiana Wesleyan University
 Marame Ndour, Sorbonne

La politisiation de l’accès aux médicaments dans l’espace international

 David Berlan

Taking Nonprofits at Their Word. The Role of Conflict over Mission in Organizational Change

 2013  University of South Florida
 Saheli Datta (chair)

Determinants of Political Transnationalism among Vietnamese Refugees

 2013  UCLA
Hannah Allerdice

The Effects of Settlement Policy on Refugee Political Activism: Sudanese Refugees in the United States and Australia

George E. Mitchell (chair) Transnational NGOs: A US perspective 2011 City College of New York
Haley Swedlund (chair)

From Donorship to Ownership? Donor-Government Relationships in Rwanda

2011 Radboud Universiteit
Asli Ilgit

Contesting State Identity and Foreign Policy: Leftist Partisan Discourses in Germany

 2010 Gustavus Adolphus College
Bandita Sijapati

Learning Democracy. Political Socialization, Transnationalism and the Nepali Diaspora

 2010 Nepa School of Social Sciences
Jesse D. Lecy

Markets for Services: Three Essays on Building a Non-Profit Grants Marketplace

Georgia State University
Lindsey Kingston (chair)  Legal Invisibility: Statelessness and Issue Non-Emergence 2010 Webster University
Emily Rodio (chair)

More Than Truth: Democracy and South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission

2009 St. Joseph’s University
Stephanie Smith  Public Policy and Maternal Mortality in South Asia 2009 University of New Mexico
Toby van Assche Why Does Concurrence Continue Within Foreign Policy Groups? 2008
Brett Heindl

Transnational Political Activism in American Cuban, Jewish, and Irish Communities

2007 SUNY-Oneonta
Anna Ohanyan

NGOs, IGOs and the Network Mechanisms of Post-Conflict Global Governance

2004 Stonehill College