Larry Rosenstock

Larry Rosenstock is the founder and CEO of High Tech High, a public charter school that redefines the meaning of quality education. There are no bells, there are no security guards, but there is a methodology that includes project based learning, internships, and an education that prepares students for the workplace. Early in his career, Larry Rosenstock chose to forgo attending many of his law school classes at Boston College to invest in children with psychiatric problems by offering carpentry courses. These courses provided an outlet for the challenges and frustrations these students faced daily. It was through these experiences that he witnessed the gaps between vocational students and the academic opportunities offered to them. Throughout the 1980s, Rosenstock utilized his law experience to co-write legislation that, once adopted, enhanced funding for vocational education that included a greater emphasis on academics. In 1990, Rosenstock served as Executive Director for Rindge School of the Technical Arts. And, in 1995 he became the principal of Rindge School of the Technical Arts and Cambridge Latin. While at Latin he developed a plan that integrated academics with vocational training in order to further empower students. After his plan was rejected by the school board, Rosenstock decided to resign as the principal of Rindge School and Cambridge Latin in order to pursue his ideas. From 1996 to 1997, Rosenstock served as the director of the New Urban High School Project, a federally funded program developed to determine what characteristics made schools highly successful. Rosenstock found that public high schools were not providing the skills needed to be successful in today’s technical society. He concluded that successful schools needed personalization, real-world connections, and a common intellectual mission. In December 1998, Rosenstock had the chance to meet with Irwin and Gary Jacobs to discuss a charter school concept that would develop both students’ technical and academic skills. Irwin Jacobs, the founder of Qualcomm, shared Rosenstock’s vision for a school rich in technical curriculum. In 2000, Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High Charter School opened its doors and has been helping develop students bound for success, who are proficient in all areas, treated as respected adults, and surpassing national public school statistics. For 40 years, Larry G. Rosenstock has chosen the road less traveled: the road of service. He lives as a reflection of his favorite quote by Lao-Tse: “Insanity is doing the same thing in the same way and expecting different results.” Larry Rosenstock’s unique approach to education has created ripples that will extend well beyond San Diego. He has been a leader for students and educators alike, bridging the gaps between technology, education, and society. Thus, Larry Rosenstock truly is a “Remarkable Leader in Education.”