Hector L. Lopez, Ed.D.

Serving as Vice President of Counseling and Student Services for Imperial Valley College for over 25 years, Dr. Hector L. Lopez has made significant contributions to education and numerous areas of student affairs. Dr. Lopez began his career as the Director of Counseling Services for Imperial Valley College and was shortly thereafter promoted to Dean of Counseling Services. Under his leadership and supervision, Dr. Lopez has initiated, developed, and implemented a variety of educational programs and services, including the 2+2+2 Program, which was designed to increase and enhance educational communication among local high schools, colleges, and businesses. In his many roles, Dr. Lopez has been instrumental in developing and overseeing a variety of educational and student service initiatives. Among his many accomplishments, he has been influential in areas of student outreach by establishing a summer college recruitment and mentoring program for Mexican-American high school graduates; he has advocated for gender and ethnic diversification by developing programs and services specifically intended to increase the enrollment of female students and underrepresented racial and ethnic populations in higher education; and, he has dedicated countless hours to providing guidance and extensive training for the preparation of academic and career counselors at all of the local high schools in and around Imperial Valley. Dr. Lopez’s career philosophy has always been simple—“Students are the primary reason we exist.” Truly this has been made evident throughout his many endeavors.