Brian Bennett

has over 26 years of experience in the education field. While his original intention was to become a lawyer, he decided to pursue a career in education instead. After teaching at Catholic schools throughout Southern California he became the principal of Blessed Sacrament School in San Diego from 1979 to 1997. Bennett chose to become involved in the local community, striving to make the area around the school that he administered a better place. In order to achieve his vision of a safer community, Brian Bennett had to face various community issues including; drugs, gangs, prostitution, racial tensions, and bureaucracy. As a result of his extensive experience in the education field, Brian Bennett adopted an often controversial educational philosophy, becoming an advocate of charter schools, vouchers, and public subsidies for private education. Despite the debate surrounding the ideals for which Brian Bennett advocates, he remains a firm believer that education is about the children. Bennett believes that charter schools and alternative education methods have the potential to offer parents in poor neighborhoods, with poor performing schools, an opportunity to ensure that their children will receive a quality education. In time, Brian Bennett became the first Director of the Office of School Choice for the San Diego Unified School District. Despite the reservations of his peers, Bennett coordinated the opening of nearly twenty new charter schools in San Diego Unified School District, doubling the previously established amount of charter schools. After his time at the San Diego Unified School District, Bennett became a consultant for the National Association of Charter School Authorizers. As a consultant, Bennett has been able to provide technical assistance in charter school leadership and policy development in over ten states including the District of Columbia. Brian Bennett’s extensive educational experience easily qualifies him as an expert in his field. Bennett will continue to pursue his dream of putting the quality of a student’s education in the hands of parents and teachers. Brian Bennett has led San Diego and the nation in providing parents a meaningful, equitable, and affordable choice in regards to the education of their children. Thus, Brian Bennett truly is a “Remarkable Leader in Education.”