Alberto Ochoa, Ed.D.

Alberto M. Ochoa is Professor Emeritus in the College of Education at San Diego Statue University (SDSU). He began his academic work at SDSU in 1975. He has served as Chair of the Policy Studies in Language and Cross-cultural Studies Department (PLC) at San Diego State University for over 15 years. He also served as the Academic Director of the Joint Doctoral Program between Claremont University and SDSU from 1999-2005. In the PLC Department, he was responsible for the implementation and evaluation of the bilingual teacher education programs at the elementary and secondary levels. At SDSU he has maintained an active record of professional development, grant writing and service to the community. Since 1981, he has guided over 60 doctoral dissertations in the Joint Claremont Graduate University/San Diego State University Doctoral Program and been a member of another 40 doctoral committees. He serves as Co-Director of the Center for Equity and Biliteracy Education Research at San Diego State University (2003-present). His university and community outreach also involves mentoring students and community to aspire to unlimited goals in their lives.

His academic work examines processes for community capacity building, as well as forecasting the educational needs of school districts through demographic trends, socio-political conditions, and educational reform trends. His academic work is action research based, while combining theory and practice in the resolution of equity problems confronting social and educational institutions. He seeks the challenge of participating in community and institutional development programs/projects that have as their goal to promote democratic schooling and broad based community participation in the decisions that affect the quality of life of school communities–in both domestic and international settings. With over 70 publications, he has examined the areas of public equity, school desegregation, language policy, critical pedagogy, student achievement, international education, biliteracy teacher development, and parental leadership development.

To assist in his research and actualization of educational projects, Dr. Ochoa has received over 11 million dollars in grants and contracts from the federal, state and local educational agencies from 1975 to present in the areas of National Origin Desegregation, Professional Development in Bilingual Capacity Building, Immigrant Education, California Reading and Literature Projects, Language Development, Parent Leadership Education, and Biliteracy and Special Education.

Since 1975, he has worked with over sixty K-12 school districts in California in providing technical assistance in the areas of:  (1) language policy and assessment, (2) biliteracy instructional programs, (3) curriculum programming, (4) staff development, (5) community development, (6) organizational development and school climate, (7) program management and evaluation, and (8) parent leadership. His work with public schools also covers involvement in International programs in the United Sates, Latin America, Spain and China.

In his career he has  provided consultations to over 200 agencies/organizations at the state, national and international levels in the area of organizational receptivity and change, biliteracy teacher education, biliteracy curriculum development, national origin desegregation, educational planning, cross-cultural and multicultural education, and language policy, evaluation of program effectiveness, and school-community reform.

With over 40 years of community engagement and serving in state and local committees, he values his work with the Parent Institute for Quality Education. With Rev./Dr. Vahac Mardirosian, he co-founded the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) in 1987, to address the growing disparity in the educational achievement of low-income students in general and Latino students in particular. They held the first parent discussion groups at Sherman Elementary in the San Diego Unified School District that evolved into a series of parent engagement seminars that later developed into PIQE’s signature program, the “Parent Engagement in Education Program” that is guided by critical pedagogy and with the objective of building school-parent-community partnerships. Since its inception in 1987, PIQE has impacted over half million of families to understand the importance of a quality education through parent engagement with the school community in order to access a college education.  PIQE is a California statewide program that is now expanding to a national level.

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