USD School of Business graduation celebrations

May 29

Paul Rice, CEO of Fair Trade USA, Dean Pyke, and Paul's son, Emiliano, who just graduated from SDSU

Paul Rice, CEO of Fair Trade USA, Dean Pyke, and Paul’s son, Emiliano

Paul Rice, CEO of Fair Trade USA, was the commencement speaker for the School of Business and the Engineering program.  Paul told the story of the development of Fair Trade USA in his speech. It was inspiring to hear how human dignity and well-being are promoted by the use of markets and business, without philanthropy.

We also celebrated a special occasion with Mike Steffen (graduating MSGL) and his father, Chuck Steffen. This was a complete surprise to Chuck.

Dean Pyke, Mike Steffen, and Chuck Steffen

Dean Pyke, Mike Steffen, and Chuck Steffen

Chuck grew up on a farm in eastern Iowa. He graduated from the University of Connecticut, Summa Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1966. He then attended Columbia University, where he earned his Master‘s degree, with honors, in Electrical Engineering in 1967. His son Mike recently discovered that his father was unable to attend his own graduation ceremony at Columbia – due to pressing family obligations – and subsequently never received his actual diploma.

So, on the occasion of his 75th birthday on Saturday, the University of San Diego, in collaboration with Columbia University, was honored to present Clyde John Steffen with his diploma for successfully completing his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.


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  • Mike Steffen

    Many thanks to Dean Pyke, Stephanie Kiesel, and all the wonderful folks at USD who made graduation such a special day. Not just for me and my Dad (Chuck Steffen pictured above), but for all the students who worked hard and can now proudly say – “I am an alumnus of USD!”

    • Dave Pyke

      It was a special day and a special moment!