USD School of Business alumni in San Francisco

Jun 3

One of the joys of my job is visiting with alumni all over the world.  On a recent trip I was fairly close to home, meeting with alumni in San Francisco, and it was an inspiring time.  What an amazing group.

First I met Mike McCook, a semi-retired MBA alum from 1979.  He is one of the early graduates of our MBA program, and he has had a fascinating career as an executive vice president and Chairman of several global real estate investment companies.  He is still on the boards of companies in China and India.

Then I met Jim Nagle, a 1990 MBA alum.  Jim is an executive vice president at Wells Fargo, and he and his wife have a strong interest in supporting students with scholarships.  Thanks Jim!

Other meetings included Andrew Stewart, who is starting a financial advisory office; Charles Gehring, who is starting a firm in the private equity space; and Chris Miller who is a supply chain/logistics professional.  Chris’s business is right up my alley, so it was especially fun hearing his story.

I don’t want to miss anyone, but I’ll just mention a few others.  Ed Corallo, who works at BlackRock, Inc., leads a team that manages exchange-traded funds.  I’m not sure if I heard him correctly, but I think his team manages $1.2 trillion.  Charlie Malet is an alum who is Chief Investment Officer at Shorenstein Properties, LLC.  Shorenstein built many of the biggest buildings in San Francisco, and now all over the world.  Finally, Brian Quijano, who goes by “Q,” is a product manager at Zynga, the game company.  Ever heard of Farmville?

Our alumni are extraordinary in their entrepreneurial spirit, professionalism and character.  And we just launched hundreds of new graduates into the alumni ranks!

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