USD Alumni Day at the Races

Aug 6

USD alumni watching the races

USD alumni watching the races

Standing outside my home, I can see the lights of the Del Mar Racetrack six nights a week during the summer horse racing season.  Yet, for a variety of reasons and conflicting schedules, I rarely attend.  That changed on Sunday when I joined over 150 USD alumni for a USD Alumni Day at the Races.  The event was sold out, and I can see why. It was a pleasant San Diego day, we had an amazing 6th level venue to ourselves, and the races were exciting, with several photo finishes.


I happily pointed out to several alumni that I was “even” through the fourth race – I hadn’t lost a penny.  Of course I didn’t put down any bets either….

A close finish in the second race

A close finish in the second race

For me, the most fun was seeing many SBA alumni, meeting several I hadn’t met, and seeing a bunch I know from previous alumni events.  I chatted with MSRE alum, Wren Arnett, who works at Ernest Rady’s firm doing major commercial real estate projects.

And a group of undergrad alums, some of whom also earned a USD MBA, including John Thomas, Ryan Hart, and Rakesh Jain.  Then there was a group of 2002 MBA alums who were good friends with each other a decade ago and remain so today.  They reminisced about faculty they loved, courses that challenged them, and careers that have been fruitful and engaging.

Okay, I know these aren't horses, but it looked like a slow motion race to the finish.

Okay, I know these aren’t horses, but it looked like a slow motion race to the finish.

This was the second annual Day at the Races, and it looks like it will be a growing and ongoing tradition.


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