Zurich with USD alumni

A street in Zurich on USD European alumni weekend

My last post showed a few pictures from the USD alumni reception in Zurich, Switzerland.  USD’s European alumni gather every year to reminisce, network, and just have fun.  This year, the events were in Zurich, a wonderful city on a beautiful lake.  With a record number of alumni attending, we had several professors and staff from the SBA and Law School.  As always, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing their stories.  Here are …Read Full Article

USD European alumni group in Zurich

I just spent three days in Zurich at the annual USD European alumni reunion.  Over 60 USD School of Law and School of Business alumni attended – the largest group so far!  Many thanks to Jorge Pardo for arranging the weekend’s activities, which included a delightfully rainy walking tour of Zurich’s Old Town.  These photos will introduce you to some of our European alumni, and I’ll follow up with a post to tell you more about the fascinating work they …Read Full Article

USD School of Business alumni in San Francisco

One of the joys of my job is visiting with alumni all over the world.  On a recent trip I was fairly close to home, meeting with alumni in San Francisco, and it was an inspiring time.  What an amazing group.

First I met Mike McCook, a semi-retired MBA alum from 1979.  He is one of the early graduates of our MBA program, and he has had a fascinating career as an executive vice president and Chairman of several global real …Read Full Article

Leadership, choice and ingredients for success

Sheena Iyengar, author of The Art of Choice

I am writing this post on the plane from Chicago to Houston, leaving the annual AACSB International Conference and Meeting (ICAM) and heading to meet with some great alumni in Texas.  In addition to stimulating conversations with other deans and directors of business schools, we were energized and challenged by some excellent panels and speakers.

One amazing speaker was Sheena Iyengar, the author of The Art of Choice, a 2010 book about choices …Read Full Article

USD School of Business alumni a strong presence in Silicon Valley

Dean Pyke and Justin McAnear outside Apple headquarters

Some cities just have a buzz.  I remember traveling with my family to Hong Kong and Singapore to give lectures at some universities and do teaching for Accenture. I had been to Hong Kong prior to that, but never to Singapore.  People told me that Hong Kong has a continual buzz, and Singapore has a continual hum, and it was true.  Hong Kong is constantly in motion, and Singapore hums with efficiency.  …Read Full Article

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