Zurich with USD alumni

A street in Zurich on USD European alumni weekend

My last post showed a few pictures from the USD alumni reception in Zurich, Switzerland.  USD’s European alumni gather every year to reminisce, network, and just have fun.  This year, the events were in Zurich, a wonderful city on a beautiful lake.  With a record number of alumni attending, we had several professors and staff from the SBA and Law School.  As always, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing their stories.  Here are …Read Full Article

USD European alumni group in Zurich

I just spent three days in Zurich at the annual USD European alumni reunion.  Over 60 USD School of Law and School of Business alumni attended – the largest group so far!  Many thanks to Jorge Pardo for arranging the weekend’s activities, which included a delightfully rainy walking tour of Zurich’s Old Town.  These photos will introduce you to some of our European alumni, and I’ll follow up with a post to tell you more about the fascinating work they …Read Full Article

Talking Turkey with USD School of Business students

Protestors in Taksim Square in Istanbul on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 (Ataturk Cultural Center covered in banners)

USD School of Business students, Vince Castillo (MBA) and Gina Stavrakakis (IMBA) are currently in Istanbul, Turkey doing an internship project through the Ahlers Center on international business development strategy. I’ll just let Vince and Gina tell you about it in these excerpts from their emails from Istanbul.

“Gina and I started working for Alvimedica this week here in Istanbul. It’s been an interesting …Read Full Article

Avian flu and risk management

I think a lot about risk management, and especially integrated risk management, or put another way, the ways that risk management decisions in one functional area of a company impact other areas.  For instance, if supply chain managers make a decision regarding a global supplier, what effect does that have on the Treasury department, which is responsible for hedging currencies, or the Marketing department, which manages the brand?

So, here is a recent article from the New York Times online.

These excerpts …Read Full Article

USD School of Business faculty travel to India

Next week is spring break at USD, and students are not the only ones leaving campus. The Ahlers Center for International Business is sponsoring the Faculty Development India Program. Twenty faculty members from the School of Business will travel to Delhi, India to visit two business schools and about a dozen companies.

They have a full itinerary, with sessions at the University of Delhi and the Institute for Management Technology, Ghaziabad; they also have meetings and tours at companies such as …Read Full Article

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