USD School of Business alumni in San Francisco

One of the joys of my job is visiting with alumni all over the world.  On a recent trip I was fairly close to home, meeting with alumni in San Francisco, and it was an inspiring time.  What an amazing group.

First I met Mike McCook, a semi-retired MBA alum from 1979.  He is one of the early graduates of our MBA program, and he has had a fascinating career as an executive vice president and Chairman of several global real …Read Full Article

USD MBA student wins national stock picking contest

Dan McAllister, current USD MBA student and winner of stock picking contest

USD MBA student, Daniel McAllister, came out ahead of nearly 700 students from 34 colleges and universities around the country to win the first-ever All-America Student Analyst Competition.

Concentrating on a mix of financial and health care stocks for the competition that ran from September 2012 through January 2013, Dan finished highest overall, edging out second-place finisher Matthew Olfat of the University of Virginia. Other schools whose students performed …Read Full Article

Leading the future with beverages

Al Carey, CEO of PepsiCo Americas Beverages, presenting to USD students

In his visit to USD this week, Al Carey, CEO of PepsiCo Americas Beverages, gave students a look into the future of the beverage industry. On the thirst-quenching horizon: LRB (keep reading), sustainability and an advertising revolution.

With sales declining for cola drinks, the Liquid Refreshment Beverage category is the beverage tsunami of the future. LRB includes such products (owned by PepsiCo) as Mountain Dew and Kickstart; Gatorade – this …Read Full Article

Avian flu and risk management

I think a lot about risk management, and especially integrated risk management, or put another way, the ways that risk management decisions in one functional area of a company impact other areas.  For instance, if supply chain managers make a decision regarding a global supplier, what effect does that have on the Treasury department, which is responsible for hedging currencies, or the Marketing department, which manages the brand?

So, here is a recent article from the New York Times online.

These excerpts …Read Full Article

Innovation event for USD alumni in Silicon Valley

USD alumni in Silicon Valley have a great opportunity for research-based learning about innovation next Tuesday evening, March 26. I heard Professor Priya present to the SBA Board of Advisors last fall, and I saw how much the successful entrepreneurs in the room engaged with her on the ideas she discussed.

Professor Priya, who teaches strategic management at USD School of Business, will present the results of her research on innovation within companies. Her research has big implications for questions that …Read Full Article

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