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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … drone?

It has been dark in my office ever since I read the NY Times article about drones filling up the skies and peering into the windows of business school deans and other persons of interest. I immediately closed the blinds and darted down the hallway to get some perspective on the information in this article from a legal expert.  The following was written by Linda Barkacs, Associate Professor of Business Law.

Don’t look now, but drones may be the new UFOs. …Read Full Article

Hoops at USD

Christopher Anderson (0) was MVP of the game

I attended a great game on Saturday between USD’s Toreros and Gonzaga’s Bulldogs. The young Toreros team played with spirit and perseverance to keep the Bulldogs close throughout most of the game.

The Toreros started in a deep hole. Then, buoyed by the large turnout of energetic fans, they pulled ahead several times and were in it nearly to the end.  This game showed yet again that the final score in a contest doesn’t …Read Full Article

Wonder at work

What do you wonder about in your work? In academia, wonder can express itself as intellectual curiosity that leads to creative problem solving. Wonder can also be awe, as when I am intrigued by the capacities and creativity of others. I experience wonder in both of these ways through research, leadership and social innovation in business education.

When I was a professor of Operations Management, I observed companies struggling to coordinate Sales and Operations. I wondered how much profit they could …Read Full Article

Models. Behaving. Badly.

I know what you’re thinking. But, this isn’t about Gisele Bundchen getting over her husband’s team losing to the Giants in the Superbowl.

It’s about a book by the above title, referring to financial models. Consider the economic recession we’re still trying to climb out of and you’ll get the “behaving badly” part. The author, Emanuel Derman, of Columbia University, writes about the vast difference between theories that accurately represent reality, such as in physics, and models that are a far …Read Full Article

All About Innovation

Carsten and Philipp Zimmermann, with student-created ibags, teaching Global Innovation Strategy

MBA students entering Carsten Zimmermann’s intersession class thought they were seeing double. Carsten’s twin brother, Philipp, who is a Principal at Capgemini Consulting, Europe, joined him to teach Global Innovation Strategy. This team, combining Philipp’s experience in the area of innovation management with Carsten’s expertise as a professor of strategic management, was itself an innovative approach to teaching the course.

The three-day class was highly interactive. Students redesigned the standard …Read Full Article

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