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Dartmouth, USD, entrepreneurship, and alice in wonderland

Gregg Fairbrothers, director of Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network

The Eagles took flight last night. Let’s see what the Chargers can do tonight. Yes, the Chargers are my adopted team, for those of you who have asked about my allegiances now that I live in San Diego.

I do have interests on both coasts, and not just in football. A good friend from Dartmouth, Gregg Fairbrothers, visited last week and led a day of entrepreneurship brainstorming and networking at the University of San …Read Full Article

National voice on leadership

The topic is: How much does political experience matter in a presidential candidate? The convener of the On Leadership roundtable for this discussion is The Washington Post online.

Today, an article authored by one of our own, Bob Schoultz, was featured in the roundtable. Bob is director of the Master of Science in Global Leadership (MSGL) program at USD’s School of Business Administration. Bob’s background in the U.S. Navy, including commanding Navy Seals, and his extensive leadership experience, make him well …Read Full Article

MBA for a complex global environment

What skills do top executives look for and value most in hiring MBAs?

1. Communication. 2. Creative analytical problem solving. 3. Teamwork. 4. Functional knowledge. 5. Global awareness.

What attributes do top executives look for and value most in hiring MBAs?

1. The ability to take initiative and tackle tough problems.  2. A flexibility and resourcefulness to adjust plans as needed. 3. The openness and self-awareness to take feedback from others.

This fall at the University of San Diego SBA we implemented a redesigned MBA …Read Full Article

Hello, good bye week

This bye week for my team, the Philadelphia Eagles, is a needed respite for me from football strain. Like taking a deep breath or a sunset swim. This weekend will be free of football dream teams, nightmare scenarios, and painful realities.

The win against the Redskins last weekend wasn’t pretty, but, hey, it was a win. For this week at least, hope is alive. Best case scenario: the Eagles’ season could be on the exact opposite trajectory of my other team, …Read Full Article

On the road again

How far do you travel to shop at Costco? I went all the way to Seattle, and I stopped at Amazon while I was there. Ok, I wasn’t shopping. I was doing one of my favorite things – meeting with alumni, parents, and employers of our students.

An SBA alum and father of a current freshman at USD, Jim Klauer (BBA, ‘83), runs a large section of Costco. That would be the non-food items section, such as furniture, electronics and seasonal …Read Full Article

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