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Shout-out to our New York City alumni

While I was in New York with the President last week, I had a good meeting with a business school editor at Bloomberg BusinessWeek. I try to meet with them every year in the fall to discuss topics and trends in business education. This year, it was the low number of applications to business schools. We have given additional resources to our MBA admissions office to help bring in every well-qualified applicant we can get, and we are working hard …Read Full Article

Black September for Red Sox

That’s right, you-know-who spectacularly flamed out of the baseball universe last night. Over several dismal weeks in September, they lost their grip on a nine-game lead in the American League Wild Card race. Small consolation that this will go down in baseball history as the biggest September meltdown ever.

Go ahead and post your condolences below; but remember, they’ll be back.

A powerful legacy

C.K. Prahalad had a powerful idea: businesses could make a profit while bringing social and material improvements to some of the world’s poorest people.  A recent conference at USD, sponsored by the Ahlers Center for International Business and the Center for Peace and Commerce, honored his legacy. I attended, along with over 250 other people, to hear both practitioners and academics speak about the real-world successes and challenges of companies pursuing sustainable growth while playing a role in alleviating poverty.

The …Read Full Article

Command central and storm central

The scene outside my hotel on Wednesday

The motorcade on the move


My first thought, when I looked out the window of my hotel in New York and saw the motorcade, was that I would have brought a different suit if I had known this would be my escort. When I got down to street level, I was relieved to learn that they were not waiting for me, but, rather, for the guy wearing the right suit, President Obama.

New York …Read Full Article

SBA graduate students on land and sea

SBA students on Harbor Cruise

I can think of no better way to launch the incoming classes of graduate students at the School of Business than with a sunset cruise on San Diego Harbor. We set sail with more than 200 new and returning students as well as many faculty and staff from virtually all of our graduate programs.

Check out more photos and a student perspective on this event at the Student Blog for the Master of Science in Global …Read Full Article

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