Monthly Archives: August 2011

On market volatility

I bodysurfed this summer in waves that looked and felt a lot like what the stock market was doing. At one point earlier this month the Dow was down more than 600 points and back up over 400 the next day.

I read an article that put all the activity in perspective on by Burton Malkiel called, “Don’t Panic About the Stock Market.” You can guess his major point. Here’s a great quote from that article: “And for those who believe …Read Full Article

The blog, the family, the dog


I’m ready for the new school year at the USD Business School now that I’m back from vacation and visiting my son in Montana. That’s the same son from the last blog post. I have 3 — sons, not posts. And now that our sons have outgrown us, my wife and I have only our black Lab, Bunter, at home. He’s named after the butler in a series of British detective novels from a hundred years ago that no one except …Read Full Article

Bear-ly blogging

Me, with bear spray

I’m new at this. The blog was my son’s idea, and I’ll include some quotes from him here. Dude.

I was hiking with him in Montana last week, and we were talking loudly about this to alert grizzly bears to our presence. As part of a social media project for a marketing class in his undergraduate business program a few years ago, my son suggested that the dean write a blog. As far as I know, that …Read Full Article