Econ Council

The University of San Diego Economics Council is a student organization offering professional development workshops and seminars to complement our classroom learning and to better prepare our students for the job market and their future careers.

Faculty Advisor: Professor Adriana Vamosiu <>

The most recent Venture Vetting (V2) Pitch Competition winner discusses the role of macroeconomics in his project and how it helped prepare him for the next steps in his career.



Select recent PAST events:

Acing the Interview: The Short Scenario Questions

• Is Graduate School for Me ?
• Presenting in the Professional World
• Who’s Hiring Economists and What For ?
• Learn how to Ace the Case Interview 
• How to Market you Economics Skills in the Finance sector
• What do Economists Do in the Real World ?
• Federal Open Market Committee Simulation (partnership with the San Francisco Federal Reserve)
• Is the EU Economy All That Different ?
• The Internship/Job Search: When To Start And How To Stand Out From The Applicant Pool
• Tesla: Risk It All Again In Nevada
• Consulting Case: How Much Is Your Life Worth ?