Paid Internships with Social Fabric Initiative

The Social Fabric Initiative, a program within the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, is currently accepting applications for our multiple paid internship positions available for summer 2019.  The available positions are as follows:

1. Thread Lead: Thread Leads manage teams of local high school youth that are driven by their passions to create an impact and develop creative solutions to address community needs.  At the end of the summer, each Thread Lead will write a case study to reflect on their Thread’s process to achieve their final products.

2. Marketing Lead: The Marketing Lead is responsible for managing social media, the SFI website, and other communications strategies.

3. Event Lead: The Event Lead will help organize our main events including the Pre-Launch, Launch, Summit, various workshops, and meetings. This will involve researching, visiting, and reserving spaces, catering, parking, managing event budgets, and all other logistical and operational aspects of the events.

*NOTE: The Event Lead position begins in early April and extends through the summer.

We were hoping that you could help us get the word out by sending this information to any interested students!  All of your students have a background in formal leadership, and we need committed leaders for our positions! This makes your students prime candidates, so we would love to receive some applications from them.

More information about SFI’s program can be found on our website.  This is the link to our internship application, which can be submitted online. The deadline to apply is February 22.

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