Unfolding Humanity Behind the Scenes Event 4/28

“Unfolding Humanity” is a massive, interactive sculpture: a metal dodecahedron (10’ tall, 40’ wide) built of LED illuminated pentagonal acrylic faces on top of a metal framework.

• Unfolding the panels coveys Albrecht Dürer’s 500-year-old unsolved math problem, where participants use an advanced ratchet/pulley system to control a motion that mimics flowers in nature.
• When closed, the artwork becomes a fully illuminated mirrored room, where participants are overwhelmed by an experience of a possible shape of our universe, based on cosmic microwave background radiation.

This project is in deep collaboration with both the San Diego Art community and the University of San Diego (with over a dozen students and alums and five faculty from Mathematics, Engineering, Theatre, and Theology).

Next Saturday night (April 28) from 7pm – 1am is the official “behind the scenes” look at our build, where we plan to have one entire, 7′, fully operational face built, wired, and programmed.

Main website: http://www.sdgeometrylab.org/unfoldinghumanity/
Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/166782840690272/ 

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