Changemaker Summer Fellows

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The 2015 Changemaker Summer Fellows
This year the Hub is excited to announce that we will be collaborating with the Office of Undergraduate Research for the Changemaker Fellows program.  We will be working with OUR to partner students with summer changemaking research projects.  Stay tuned for more announcements!

Meet some of our 2014 Changemaker Summer Fellows

Megan H.

Name: Megan Huynh
Project: Bangladesh Women
Project Description: Megan’s passion for changemaking and social justice is clear; just ask the students at Jyoti Vidya Niketon School in Dhaka Bangladesh where Megan is teaching. Partnering with the Jamyang Foundation, Megan is spending 6-weeks of her summer teaching English and arithmetic to students in Bangladesh, and directing an after-school program for the school’s female students that focuses on leadership skills, political awareness, and social justice. Megan spent the first half of her summer creating the community-based curriculum that focuses on educating women and young adults on human rights issues and political awareness pertinent to their community and region. Click here to learn more about Megan’s journey!

Aaron Mc

Name: Aaron McCarthy
Project: Young Dreamers United
Project Description: Aaron is back again, returning as a Changemaker Fellow for the second year in a row to oversee and further develop and implement Young Dreamers United. In 2012, Aaron and several USD colleagues created Young Dreamer’s United, a program designed to support middle school students in understanding their passions and goals, motivating and preparing them to pursue their dreams. USD students have the opportunity to participate in this project by offering younger generations with experiences and knowledge for success in their educational journey. Click here to learn more about Aaron’s journey!

Jill Grant

Name: Jillian Grant
Project: San Diego-Tijuana Art and Photography
Project Description: Jillian’s project seeks to provide youth with a way to express themselves, explore their identities, and feel comfort and stability. Working with children at two Southwest Key Foundation shelters for unaccompanied minors in San Diego, and with La Gloria Orphanage in Tijuana, Jillian provides a service through art that eases the pain of displacement and hardship these children experience. The workshops feature a variety of art forms, allowing children to use anything from paint, markers, and crayons to photography and digital art equipment as tools for emotional and psychological healing. Click here to learn more about Jillian’s journey!

Jacqueline B.

Name: Jacky Benedicto
Project: Linda Vista Architecture
Project Description: In collaboration with the Physical Activity Committee of the Live Well San Diego North Central Region, Jacky is uniting her love for architecture and desire to make positive change in her home community. Through her fellowship, Jacky is helping to develop, design, and implement more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly neighborhoods in Linda Vista, working with community partners and stakeholders throughout the process. Click here to learn more about Jacky’s journey!