Changemaker Summer Fellows

The 2014 Changemaker Summer Fellows program offers $2,000 for students to explore who they are as Changemakers and to develop their skills in framing social issues and creating innovative approaches to addressing them. All the CSF receive mentoring from the start. This initiative promotes students’ understanding of social issues and social justice as they actively participate in a community-based or social enterprise experience, locally or abroad. Learn more or Apply by April 15



Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 12.12.22 PM Name: Brian Wisdom
Name: Aaron McCarthy
Project: Young Dreamers UnitedYoung Dreamers United is a program designed to support middle school students in understanding their passions and goals, motivating and preparing them to pursue their dreams. In this project, USD students participate in offering younger generations experiences and knowledge for success in their educational journey.  Aaron and Brian together with other members of the USD Young Dreamers team have developed their own curriculum and are introducing it to a group of students at Montgomery Middle School.Click Here to learn more about their journey!

Kyle Miller

Name: Kyle Miller
Project: Lace Up Stand UpOne year ago, Kyle and three teammates created Lace Up Stand Up (LUSU) as part of a course project. In the Spring of 2013, LUSU became a nonprofit offering a program for middle school, high school, and college students teaching them anti-bullying techniques and conflict resolution services. This summer Kyle is creating a pilot teacher LUSU certification with Teach for America and working with Ashoka U in LUSU’s expansion to other Changemaker campuses.

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Katinka BoschName: Katinka Bosch
Project: Changemaker SpaceKatinka’s passion is architecture. She is interested in understanding the intersection between space and innovation. Under the mentorship of architects from the firm Gensler, Katinka is observing and analyzing how spaces promote the flow of new ideas, connections and interactions. Her findings will be discussed and incorporated in the soon to be open USD Changemaker Learning & Engagement space at the Student Live Pavilion.

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Danielle Cantwell Name: Danielle Cantwell
Project: Hearts of HopeDanielle is working on bringing The Hearts of Hope program, founded in the East Coast, to Southern California. This initiative can make a difference one heart at a time by engaging community groups in the creation of hand-painting keepsake hearts and delivering them as gifts to patients, caregivers and also men and women in the military. Hearts of Hope provides human connection and dignity to those who are ill or facing difficult times. Each hear is distribute with a hand-written greeting card personalized by the painter. The recipient can in turn send a thank you note through a Hearts of Hope email address, bringing the connection from one heart to another full circle. Danielle will focus on engaging youth volunteer programs in San Diego as well as to USD’s Greek life.

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Leo Brown-Young

Name: Leo Brown-Young
Project: Leaders of TomorrowLeo’s focus is on further developing Leaders of Tomorrow, an organization he co-founded at USD with the mission of empowering communities of students to enact the change they want to see in themselves, the campus and the world at large. He is working on developing a portfolio of diverse mechanisms and venues for inspiring and engaging groups of fellow students who want to be changemakers during the academic year 2013-14.

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AilsaName: Ailsa Tirado
Project: Code to Success Class“Code to Success” is the summer project lead by Ailsa to offer U.S. born high school students living in Tijuana a five-week summer program, in which they will learn coding in html or C++, and create their own website. The program will also make a personalized plan and calendar (called “Code to Success”) that will include all the steps these students need to successfully search for, apply, and get into college in the United States. Ailsa’s plan is to further motivate them and provide them with the knowledge and tools to make higher education a reality.

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Gabby Sghia-HughesName: Gabby Sghia-Hughes
Project: Food waste- SustainabilityGabby’ project focuses on working with the USD Office of Sustainability to propose and implement changes in Dining Services in regards to more sustainable methods of managing food. A central aspect of her proposal is a plan for having reusable dishes, utensils, and cups everywhere on campus. This project will involve research of sustainable options, as well as discussions with Dining Services and administration on how reusables could be more cost-effective, at the same time that they are in line with the University’s Mission and favored by a large group of students.

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Eleanor Phillips

 Name: Eleanor Phillips
Food SustainabilityAs an intern with USD’s Department of Sustainability, Eleanor is working on developing the USD’s composting program. At this moment, USD does not compost 100% of its food waste and Eleanor is set on changing this situation. She will develop ideas and an implementation plan for an educational outreach to the USD community.

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