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CalCon 2017 | May 9 – 11, San Diego, CA

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We believe that at the intersection of social science and technology lie powerful tools to prevent and reduce conflict and sustain peaceful societies. We believe that, working together, diverse stakeholders bring innovative and positive solutions to conflict including war, organized crime, violent protest, coups, terrorism, and violent revolution. The California Consensus on Peace through Technology (CalCon) is a marketplace for ideas aimed at reducing these forms of violence. At CalCon participants work with innovative leaders across many sectors to generate multidimensional solutions and kickstart partnerships to implement these solutions in the field. CalCon incubates projects that:

  • Respond rapidly and effectively to real-world developments relating to peace and security;
  • Require collaboration and insights from various communities of interest;
  • Avail themselves of the latest innovations in technologies and rigorous research methods; and
  • Are useful to, and used by, the private sector, practitioners, and policy communities.

As conflicts spill over borders and peace becomes fragile around many places in the world, CalCon 2017 focuses on projects and initiatives that seek to provide resilience to peace through good governance, and technology. The theme of CalCon 2017 is Integrative Technology for Peacebuilding.

CalCon 2017 will be split into two days:

  • Day 1 will feature peace researchers. Invited researchers will pitch pioneering methods they are developing to understand and challenge violent movements to an audience of funders, business leaders, and practitioners. Idea labs will workshop solutions to problems of data collection, technological implementation, monitoring and evaluation, causal attribution, and related issues.
  • Day 2 will feature peace practitioners, with a focus on marketplace innovations for peace. Invited practitioners will pitch projects that are ready to launch, scale up, or otherwise enhance. Idea labs will be geared towards generating solutions to real world problems of radicalization, terrorism, insurgency, and related phenomena.


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