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Accounting Program in Paris, London & Rome – Spencer Andrews

Spencer Andrews, USD accounting major, traveled to Paris, London and Rome to participate in the summer 2016 MACC/ACCT study abroad course on International Accounting Standards and European Accounting Business Environments.  Spencer discusses his international experience and its impact on his life:

“I would like to start by thanking the Ahlers Center for the scholarship I received. Without it, I may not have been able to go on this amazing journey to London, Rome and Paris. This trip was truly one of the best experiences of my entire life. I’m not going to lie, before this trip, I was probably one of the least cultured people I know. For that reason, I was eager to have the opportunity to go on this voyage.

ColoseoThe class leading up to the trip was great. It really prepared me for things that I might see and experience abroad, but there is nothing like learning from experience. As accounting majors, we all knew about the prestigious Big Four, we all had at least some semblance of an idea of how they functioned in the States, and some of us even had jobs with these firms. So, I was very excited to have the opportunity to meet with these firms overseas.

Obviously, there are many similarities to how businesses function in Europe, the UK and the US, but I was fascinated to learn about how the differences in culture are able to affect the operations of a business so dramatically. The speed at which work flows in Europe is substantially slower than the pace in the United States. In France, employees are more likely to constantly question why things are being done. This is not necessarily because the employees feel the work is being done incorrectly, rather the employees want to understand it more thoroughly, as well as think through other possible alternatives and find better solutions. Another issue of doing business in France is the education structure. Depending on what level of degree a person earns, their job will be very specific to that degree. For example, Larry Lemoine, a partner at KPMG in France, described the difficulty of asking his secretary to perform a task for him. All Mr. Lemoine needed to know was how to work the computer in the conference room, but he could not simply just ask her to go set it up for him. Mr. Lemoine came to her asking if she could do him a favor, rather than telling her to do something. In France, the people are very proud of their job positions and can be easily offended if they are asked to do work or tasks that fall outside their job description.

LouvreHaving the ability to experience these cultures firsthand, not only in the business aspect, but also in everyday life, was huge to my growth as a business person and as a member of society. If I am ever fortunate enough to be able to work abroad or do business with a foreign company, this trip really gave me the tools to be successful. Regardless of whether I were to do business in Paris, London, Rome, or elsewhere, I learned some very valuable lessons in doing business outside of my home country. One thing I learned was do not expect other cultures to operate as people in the US do. In order to be successful, one must come in with an open mind and the willingness to adapt. As I mentioned earlier, things tend move more slowly in Europe, so you need to be prepared for that and get things rolling earlier than you might be accustomed to. The biggest thing, though, is to go in prepared. Research whichever culture you are doing business with before you begin business. It is important to understand people’s tendencies and to align yourself accordingly, rather than expecting them to accommodate the American way. Other cultures will greatly appreciate the effort, if they notice that you are trying to adopt some of their work habits.

I can truly say that I had a life changing experience on this trip. The opportunity to visit these beautiful cities, not only to see the sites, but immerse myself in the culture from a business perspective, is something that is very unique about this study abroad program. It is a fantastic experience that may lead to the opportunity to work abroad for a couple of years or the rest of your life. I could not be happier with my experience, and I thank the Ahlers Center again, for helping to make this possible! Merci!”Big Ben

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Je T’aime Paris: A Localized Experience in the City of Love

Erin Smith enjoyed her first time abroad in a multitude of different countries, however, this article portrays one of her favorite experiences from her program that took place in Paris.

To say that the London, Paris, Rome Program for MACC students was life changing would be an understatement. In the past two weeks, my eyes have been opened to three different cultures and business practices. Never would I have imagined one trip to a foreign country would change my perspective and worldview in such a short period of time. There are so many good things I could say about the program and the cities, but to save you from the pages I could write about my experience, I’ll focus on my experience in Paris.


Paris captured my heart from the moment I stepped onto the train platform and into the city. Luckily, my friend Henri, who lives in Paris but attends college in the States, happened to be home for the summer and was in the city at the same time as me! Along with my friend Sabrina, we spent the afternoon and night exploring the city, avoiding the main tourist locations you would first expect to visit in Paris. Henri took us to the local spots that only true Parisians would know about. We went to Sacre-Cour, which, yes, is a tourist spot, but rather than just view the Church and leave, we spent a good hour or two hanging out with the locals on the lawn.


Sabrina, Erin, and Henri on the lawn of the Sacre-Cour and Montmarte

The locals congregate after long days on the lawns of Sacre-Cour and Montmarte to socialize and relax with beautiful views of the city. Hearing about the French locals day-to-day lives was a cultural experience unlike any other. Since this trip was my first time being outside of the States, I never realized that different countries practiced different routines and placed values on different aspects of life. Talking to the locals was very eye-opening for me personally because it taught me there is more to life than work, technology, and money. Life is about the simple pleasures, the little moments that bring a smile to your face. There is so much more out there in the world if you’re open to see it, and those two hours on the lawn of Sacre-Cour gave me valuable life lessons that I will not be able to forget anytime soon.



Foie Gras (Duck liver)



After time well spent in Montmarte, Henri took us to a local café where none of the workers spoke English, so thankfully he was there to translate! We tried typical French dishes, such as Escargot and Foie Gras (duck liver). To be honest, I did not think I was going to try either of them, until I was in the moment. They were actually really tasty! My first day in Paris was one for the books, and I feel so blessed to have seen a local snapshot of life, rather than going to the tourist locations right away. I already felt connected to the city in numerous ways, and it was saddening to have to leave after only 4 days. Paris was truly an enigmatic city and a place where I was able to experience little moments that I will carry within my heart forever.

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MACC Adventures in London, Paris, & Rome: June 2015


This summer, student Hannah Mueller went to London, Paris, and Rome for 2 weeks as a part of the University of San Diego Master’s of Accountancy program. Check out her adventures abroad!

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Exploring International Accounting Issues Firsthand in London, Paris & Rome

Written by Masters in Accounting (MACC) Student, Cameron Coutermarsh

The Opportunity to Study Abroad

Prior to learning about the MACC London, Paris, and Rome opportunity, I had never considered studying abroad given my time and financial constraints. Between the curriculum of the accounting major and working part time, I assumed I didn’t have the time to fit a semester abroad into my four years at USD but the MACC study abroad program made it possible. As an accounting student with an internship scheduled for the summer of 2014, the London, Paris and Rome abroad opportunity was structured to fit the general schedule of an accounting student wrapping up their spring semester in either an undergraduate or graduate accounting program. The one week course paired with the two weeks abroad fit perfectly between the end of the semester and the beginning of the summer internships with many of the Big Four accounting firms. Also, having the majority of the classwork finished before embarking on the trip made the transition to a foreign environment much easier and more enjoyable.

Dr. Pattison and Dr. Judd with Masters of Accounting Students in London Eye

Dr. Pattison and Dr. Judd with Masters of Accounting Students in London Eye

Long-Term Benefits

The abroad experience helped me with my future career in accounting, beyond just the academic level. On this trip, the students were exposed to the cultural differences between the Big Four accounting firms many of us had built strong relationships with in the previous year. It was shocking to see how many differences existed between the same company in two very different locations and likewise the similarities that were not affected by the vast distance. Many of the companies we visited had United States expatriates as speakers who were able to give the group an insightful view on opportunities for working abroad in the new future. Many students in the group, myself included, found themselves vastly more interested in taking on an expatriate assignment for a brief (or extended, for some) period of time. Even if an expatriate opportunity does not arise, I have found myself inspired to travel again and continue to explore new places and people.

Accounting students visit Bloomberg in London.

Accounting students visit Bloomberg in London.

Beyond the idea of professional development, I managed to enhance my worldview. Although the term ‘worldview’ is casually tossed around when the concept of traveling abroad is in question, one cannot truly understand its meaning until they experience it themselves. Before traveling abroad, my perspective on Londoners, Parisians, and Italians were heavily influenced by hearsay and biases. This isn’t to say that I was intolerant of other cultures, but rather that I never actually understood them and their ways of life. Even though our group only spent a short few days in each city, I felt that the nonstop immersion in each culture allowed us to grasp many of the cultural differences. Since a vast majority of the academic coursework took place before traveling abroad, we had more opportunities to learn about the culture of each city we visited.

Exploring art at the museum of Louvre, in Paris.

Enhancing my “worldview” at the museum of Louvre, in Paris.

How USD made this trip possible

This specific abroad program exemplifies USD’s reputation for study abroad programs. In addition to the vast list of study abroad opportunities, the MACC London, Paris and Rome program is precisely built to fit the needs and concerns of students. The academic portion of the program is flexible and the units earned can be applied to students in either the undergraduate or graduate level. The traveling portion is carefully and expertly planned to give students a healthy combination of diverse company visits and ample free time to explore the cities. Furthermore, the professors teaching the class do a fantastic job of preparing students for the abroad portion by explaining cultural differences we may be exposed to while traveling overseas as well as covering relevant topics in the coursework. The advice from professors made the transition to foreign countries simple and allowed us to not become ‘ugly Americans’ while traveling. The advice ranged from learning restaurant Italian to respectfully staying silent on London’s underground trains (Londoners tend to frown on loud noises during their commutes).

As I mentioned before, the abroad portion of the program gave students plenty of free time to explore each city but there were always optional events coordinated to help us on our journeys. Between bus tours in London and Rome and an evening bike tour/river cruise in Paris, each city was thoroughly covered. However, none of these events were required, allowing students to explore at their own pace which gave my roommate and myself the opportunity to walk over ten miles across Rome. Although my feet were burning by the end of the day, my roommate and I were able to fully immerse ourselves in the culture of the atmosphere and the people around us.

Enhancing my "worldwide" view at the Coliseum

Exploring the Coliseum in Rome with my roomate.

~Cameron Coutermarsh, MACC student

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