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In the Spotlight – Katrin Kandlbinder

Each year, the Ahlers Center welcomes international short-term scholars and researchers to the University of San Diego campus. Such visitors contribute to the Center’s vision of creating dynamic and globally robust environments in and out of the classroom. These scholars collaborate with USD faculty on various research projects and support the faculty in their academic endeavors.

We are delighted to have visiting researcher Katrin Kandlbinder with us for the current spring 2017 term. Katrin is a doctoral candidate at the International Real Estate Business School of the University of Regensburg in Germany. Working with USD’s Dr. Norm Miller, Katrin is conducting joint research on the United States housing market and how information efficiency affects real estate markets over time. She will be presenting her findings, alongside Dr. Miller, at the upcoming American Real Estate Society conference in April. We had an opportunity to sit down with Katrin to see how she has enjoyed her new home city of San Diego.

What has been your favorite experience in San Diego thus far?

I enjoy the weather, walking along the beach and especially the people. Everyone in San Diego has been so friendly and I have found it really easy to make friends. People are very willing to meet you and take the time to get to know you here. I have been very impressed with how willing people are to help strangers.

What is one thing about San Diego that you found surprising?

I think the public transportation system could be improved. I was surprised, for a city this large, that the public transportation is not more efficient. Everyone here has a car. And a dog! It seems that everyone in San Diego owns at least one dog.

What do you think you will miss most about San Diego when you return to Germany in April?

I will miss the weather, the ocean, and the open mindedness of the people.

Where are you living in San Diego?

I have an apartment in Little Italy which I love. The neighborhood is wonderful with plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and activities right outside my door. I joined a yoga studio close to my apartment and every Saturday I shop at the Little Italy farmers market.

What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy yoga, visiting friends, and swimming. I play the saxophone and I also take voice lessons. So I love music!

What is something that you tried for the first time in your life in San Diego?

Clam chowder. Wow, it’s great!

What is something you have not yet tried in San Diego but hope to do before you leave?

I would love to try to surf. I am waiting for the weather to be a bit warmer and then I plan to try to surf for the first time.

Under the Mexican Sun: Faculty Development Trip, Spring 2015

Lucky were the faculty members that attended the Spring 2015 Faculty Development Trip in Encenada, Baja California, Mexico this month: not only did they get social-networking-worthy views and activities, but they were able to visit a company and three wineries, one of which is focused on sustainability, as well as listen to various speakers’ presentations on such topics as regional economic development.

The faculty group at the Monte Xanic winery with speaker Dr. Hans Backoff, the winery's founder and part owner.

The faculty group at the Monte Xanic winery after an interesting conversation with speaker Dr. Hans Backoff, the winery’s founder and part owner.

The trip started with a company visit to Augen Optics, an Ensenada-based international design and manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and a presentation by the company’s Executive Director. The technologically-advanced company is vertically integrated, with its own team of engineers, scientists, and researchers for every stages of development and marketing. The visit to Augen Optics was followed by lunch and a presentation on economic development by Gabriel Cabañas (USD ’88), who is the Senior Business Development Specialist in the Office of North America Investment for the Development Secretariat of the Baja California State Goverment.

Company visit to Augen Optics

Company visit to Augen Optics.

That evening the faculty attended a reception that included local alumni and faculty from CETYS Universidad Baja California, including Dr. Scott Venezia, Dean of the College of Business and Management.

The second day began the tours of the wineries in the Valle de Guadalupe, the largest wine-producing region in Mexico. The first winery visited was Viña de Liceaga with a presentation by its owner and general manager, Myrna Liceaga. The three-decades-old winery uses the rich crop varieties in the Mediterranean-like climate of the region to produce high-quality wines. The winery visit was followed by a lunch with speakers Carlos Valenzuele and Enrique Rangel from the Secretaria de Turismo (Tourism Department of Baja California, Mexico).

The second winery visited was Monte Xanic with a presentation by the company’s founder, owner, and oenologist Dr. Hans Bacoff. Established in 1987, Monte Xanic currently produces over 50,000 cases annually under its four brands and is committed to serving the community and promoting innovation in their industry through research and technology.

Finally, the faculty visited Clos de Tres Cantos winery, owned by founders Joaquin and Maria. Created in 2014, Clos de Tres Cantos is centered on sustainability and protection of the land and uses unique concepts and goals to achieve it.

Winery visit to Viña de Liceaga

Winery visit to Viña de Liceaga

Dr. Jollineau and Dr. Bowen at the winery visit in Monte Xanic.

Dr. Jollineau and Dr. Bowen at the winery visit in Monte Xanic.

Tour of Clos de Tres Cantos, a sustainable winery, with the owners Joaquin and Maria.

Tour of Clos de Tres Cantos, a sustainable winery, with the owners Joaquin and Maria.

In all, the faculty who attended this development trip learned more than just about business innovation and the wine industry; they explored how concepts and theories taught in their classrooms are being applied in businesses large and small – especially by our neighbors just to the South.

Faculty Learning Abroad – Development Trip to Japan & Korea 2014

The Ahlers Center for International Business with assistance of Dr. Denise Dimon organized a faculty development trip to South Korea and Japan during the student’s spring break – March 08 – 16, 2014.

The faculty members selected were provided with an opportunity to learn about the economic environment of Japan and Korea, the countries’ culture and history, major local businesses’ global strategies in a variety of industries and to further develop their international knowledge and linkages for the University. Among the companies and Universities visited were: Korean University Business School, Hyundai Motor Company, LG Electronics, SK Hynix, AmorePacific Co., Graduate School of Business Sciences of the University of Tsukuba, Fujitsu, Aflac and Google Tokyo.

Visiting Hyundai - South Korea

Visiting Hyundai – South Korea

At LG Electronics, faculty members were greeted with a tour of LG’s showroom (picture below) and a briefing of the company on “Sales and Building of Marketing Capabilities” by Mr. Jung-Whan CHOI, Director of LG Electronics.

Visit to LG Electronics

Visit to LG Electronics

In Tokyo, besides exploring the ancient Japanese culture, professors had the opportunity to visit Aflac Tokyo – 75% of Aflac’s pre-tax earnings come from Japan – Fujitsu, and Google Tokyo (picture below).

Visit to Google Tokyo

Visit to Google Tokyo

Attendees were: Craig Barkacs, Linda Barkacs, Annalisa Barrett, Barbara Bliss, Robert Bowen, John Demas, Shreesh Deshpande, Denise Dimon, Kristine Ehrich, Susan Jollineau, Amit Kakkad, Priya Kannan-Narasimhan, Maria Kniazeva, Barbara Lougee, Cynthia Pavett, Jillian Phillips, Manzur Rahman, Ryan Ratcliff, Carl Rebman Jr., Miriam Rothman, Vivek Sah, Tygarajan Somasundaram, Charles Tu, Adriana Vamosiu, Barbara Withers and Carsten Zimmermann.