Student Testimonials – Intersession 2014 Classes


HK Class Intersession 2014“Learning global supply chain systems firsthand whilst being in Hong Kong has provided me with real time knowledge of how products are manufactured and distributed from Asia to the rest of the world. This unforgettable experience has taught me how to assess supply chain risk, operations, sustainability, and strategy, while being immersed in Chinese culture and practices.” Lauren Lacy, MBA candidate, about Global Supply Chain Class in Hong Kong

“Traveling to Hong Kong has changed my perspective of Asia, as it a fascinating place to visit. The hustle & bustle, crowds, loud talking, negotiations, street vendors, luxury watch retailers, and Pakistani street side tailors made it an experience we will never forget.  I’m pleased to say that I have finally had the opportunity to visit the Far East, and I hope this is the beginning of many more trips to come.” Omar El Mofty, Masters Science of Real Estate Program Candidate,  about Commercial Real Estate and Capital Markets Class

Course in Rio Intersession 2014

“My course in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, opened up a whole new perspective on doing business. The visits to social businesses, meeting the social entrepreneurs, and attending the classes instructed by Professor Marquez were highly impressive, and made me realize that business can be used to change the world. The beauty of the country and its people offer the perfect setting for inspiration to be creative and develop your own social business ideas.” Ann Sophie Loehde, MBA Candidate, about Global Entrepreneurship for Social Change Class

“Being able to closely interact with social entrepreneurs and seeing the change they are making among Rio’s poorest people was educational and uplifting. USD’s international expertise made it easy for us to experience things the average tourist would never get to see.” Amanda Nehring, MBA Student, about Global Entrepreneurship for Social Change Class