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This is a space to share our students’ experiences in the various projects promoted abroad and to create awareness of the numerous international events happening at the University of San Diego every week.

Our goal? To develop the next generation of business leaders with a global mindset

The Ahlers Center for International Business at the University of San Diego is one of the few privately endowed centers for international business in the world providing a wide array of opportunities for USD students and faculty as well as the business community.

The Ahlers Center for International Business was founded in 1994 with a generous endowment from the estate of John and Carolyn Ahlers to enhance international business education at the University of San Diego.

Given a lifetime of international business and service, the Ahlers believed that globalization had increased the need for managers to be developed with special skills and knowledge to handle the challenges and opportunities of an international marketplace.

Ahlers Team (left to right): Danielle Levanetz, Denise Dimon, Erin Kellaway, Allison Howitt, Jack Desany, Shelby Gunter, Young-Ji Lee

The Ahlers Center provides a number of programs to strengthen and acquire this needed expertise among faculty, students, and the business community. This has resulted in faculty with international expertise offering a variety of international courses and perspectives, students interested and experienced in international business, and a strong network with international business leaders.

These activities link faculty, students, and international business leaders to share ideas and develop knowledge to operate more effectively in a global business environment.

Partner Universities

The Ahlers Center for International Business has strategic partnerships with several universities abroad. Through these partnerships, our students participate in semester exchange programs. In addition with some of the partners we offer Dual Degree programs, have support for our short-term study abroad programs, exchange faculty, and co-design and deliver executive programs.

Executive Programs

The Ahlers Center supports the business community through our certificate programs, custom designed executive education programs, various speaking events and workshops on a vast array of international business topics as well as offering consulting support both locally and abroad. Click here to find out more.